TXM Lean Minute – The Lean Leadership Role for Senior Leaders

Increasingly Lean Leadership is being seen as the key to success for Lean implementation in all kinds of businesses. So what are the key elements of Lean Leadership for senior leaders. In this Lean Minute Video TXM Director, Ron Spiteri, explains some of the things Senior Leaders need to do every day drive their business to Lean success.

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Read the Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ron Spiteri. Welcome to this TXM Lean Minute where we’ll evaluate the role of senior leaders within a lean business.

One of the key differentiators of a lean business model is the foundation of employee empowerment. With employee empowerment comes the underlying need for mutual trust and respect amongst the employees.

For senior leaders to foster this empowered lean culture, they need to:

  1. Promote a clear vision – For empowered employees to make the right decision in ambiguous circumstances, they need to understand the company’s overarching vision.
  2. Go See – Senior Leaders must spend time with their employees, where the value-add work takes place.  This enables engagement, feedback, and alignment whilst developing the essential leadership repport.
  3. Ask Why – Senior Leaders must use the “Why?” technique daily.  This promotes an inclusive environment and challenges for continuous improvement.  Importantly, Senior Leaders must recognise that “the standard they walk by is the standard they accept”.  When a Senior Leader identifies an anomaly, their response must be to ask why, rather than condemn and direct.
  4. Show Respect  – Senior Leaders earn trust and respect by first showing it.

Many Senior Leaders lose sight of their most fundamental contribution to a business.  Inspire all employees to contribute their best.

Call us at TXM Lean Solutions 1800 319 552 to learn how we can help you develop your lean leadership skills. I’m Ron Spiteri and this has been a TXM Lean Minute.