TXM Lean Minute – Practical 5S – 5S Every Inch of Your Business!

When you implement 5S often it is the details that can trip you up. In this Practical 5s Lean minute video TXM Senior Consultant, Michelle Brown, explains how to 5S every inch of your business using a 5S Map.

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Hello, I’m Michelle and welcome to this TXM Lean minute. Today we’re going to look at having 5S on every inch for a robust Practical 5S program.

As we begin to implement our 5S program it’s easy to work around the equipment and benches, and the areas where our team spends most of their time.

As we implement 5S and develop our 5S standards, we use the audits to sustain our improvements. And as we continue to roll out our 5S program there will be a point where most areas are covered by an audit. But there may be some areas not covered. These may be a common areas where consumables are stored, or aisle ways or walkways between areas. An effective way to ensure we have 5S on every inch is to use a 5S map

A 5S map provides an overview of the 5S audits and the areas they cover. This gives us a visual indication of the areas that may be left uncared for. Then you can work with your team to include these areas into our audits. The common areas maybe allocated to one department or maybe you could decide to shared the responsibility of a common area and rotate the 5S audits each week.

TXM would love to assist you into implementing and sustaining your Practical 5S program.
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