TXM Lean Minute – Why Quality Control Inspection is Waste You Should Eliminate

Does quality control inspection add value to your product? The answer is “NO”, all inspection is waste and as such should be eliminated. But how do you reduce or eliminate inspection and at the same time improve the quality of the product your customers receive. This Lean Minute Video will show you how to get started on reducing quality control inspection.

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Quality control inspections are just waste.  Why do we build in this waste to our business processes?

Hi, I’m Ron Spiteri.  Welcome to this TXM Lean Minute where we’ll question the necessity for quality control inspections and the methods you can implement to minimise this waste of over-processing.

The challenge with eliminating or even reducing quality control inspections is avoiding the potentially more costly waste of defects.

But that’s the challenge with all waste reduction initiatives.  Minimising one waste without creating or amplifying another, more detrimental waste.

TXM help businesses minimise their quality control inspections whilst also minimising defects.

Rather than accept defects and rework, employees must apply active problem solving to understand the root causes of recurring problems and implement effective countermeasures.

Once the controllable factors are managed, it’s time to identify the critical-to-quality features of your product or process.

What are the things that affect or control variability?  Often over-inspection is the direct result of a misunderstanding of these features.

Understanding critical-to-quality features enables you to move these inspections from third-party quality control inspections to in-process inspections then to quality assurance measures to prevent the likelihood of the defect.

By adopting a strategy of minimising your quality control inspections, your business can minimise over-processing and defects.

Contact TXM to help you assure the quality of your products or processes without the over-processing waste of quality control inspections.

I’m Ron Spiteri.  Thanks for watching this TXM Lean Minute.