TXM Lean Minute – Toyota Method of Respecting People

Respect for people is a core value in any Lean implementation. In this TXM Lean Minute, Anthony Clyne provides some simple tips on how to use the Toyota Method to help you show “respect for people” in your workplace. At TXM we teach the skills of Lean Leadership by coaching leaders to demonstrate simple everyday behaviours such as these.

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Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne. Welcome to this TXM lean minute. Respecting the person doing the work requires the personal style and standard method that consistent with your personal and company values.

The challenge is to develop future leaders. Standardizing your leadership behaviours helps future leaders develop and defines culture in your workplace.

At TXM we help clients understand the Toyota method as a good starting point. To show the respect to operator you can firstly checking and acknowledge the currently feelings and distractions, that might be friend mind.

Secondly assume a supportive leadership style, clarify what should be happening. Thirdly, quantify how often to what extend and what impact this has on the job.

The next step is to ask why, and problem is solved, understand real cores. As a leader, you need to challenge the cores and come up with the action. The challenge is to keep more employees motivated to make improvements themselves, and not burdened leaders with least problems.

Go for routine walk, be very consistent how you engage people in your team. In turn, discuss how they do this with their people and define standard.

I am Anthony Clyne, and thank you for watching the TXM Lean Minute.