TXM Lean Minute – Use Kaizen to Improve Your Business Every Day

TXM Lean Minute – Use Kaizen to Improve Your Business Every Day


Kaizen roughly means, “change for the better.” This is the terminology we often use to describe our approach to continuous improvement. Many people get caught up with lean and kaizen as being just small improvements that happen every day across the organization. The real recipe for making lasting change with a big impact, is to ensure that you link these small, daily improvements to a shared goal or mission.

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If we all work towards a common goal, we can all contribute to small improvements towards that goal. For example, if your business’ goal might be to deliver your product next day to all customers. Set this as your over-arching goal and focus on making small daily improvements to help achieve this. You will find that you can get real traction and results across the business. Improvement efforts will be much more co-ordinated when aimed at a common goal.

Try these simple steps:

  • Focus on what value you could offer your customers. If you deliver that value it will have your customers raving about your business even more
  • Share this goal with everyone in the business
  • Make sure everyone makes small daily improvements to their own processes and work environments. Everyone should try to move a tiny step closer to this goal every day.
  • Track your results and celebrate each person’s achievements

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