TXM Lean Consultants

  • Timothy McLean - Managing Director

  • Anthony Clyne - Consulting Director

  • Timothy Lakeman - Commercial Manager

  • Luciano Peloche Moraes - Consulting Operations Manager

  • Tom Burdett - WA State Manager

  • David McCarthy - NSW State Manager

  • Michelle Brown - Senior Consultant

  • Robert Chittenden - Senior Consultant

  • Axel Krens - Senior Consultant

  • David Jaksa - Senior Consultant

  • Andrew Czompo - Senior Consultant

  • Brent Johnstone - Senior Consultant

  • Tony Fedorowicz - Senior Consultant

  • Frank Oxley - Senior Consultant

  • Justin Tao - Senior Consultant

  • Kelly Pierce - Senior Consultant

  • Thomas Gieloff - Senior Consultant

  • Alex Teoh - Senior Consultant

  • Greg Kuszewski - Senior Consultant

  • Jeremy Wylie - Senior Consultant

  • Michael Forster - Senior Consultant

TXM Australia

  • Timothy McLean
    Managing Director

    Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and brings over 20 years of operational experience to his role. Specialising in Project Management and Process Improvement, he's driven by Lean Supply Chain methodologies. McLean has implemented Value Stream Maps, improved operational flow, and minimised waste. His achievements include overseeing significant operational changes and establishing intricate international supply chains. Timothy is also an author on Lean Thinking and Operational Excellence

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  • Anthony Clyne
    Consulting Director

    Anthony Clyne, the Consulting Director of TXM Lean Solutions, has been demonstrating his expertise in Lean Manufacturing since 2007. With experience spanning industries such as food, automotive, and minerals processing, his skills are wide-ranging. His foundation in standardised work was built as a Graduate Engineer at Ford, mentored by Mazda engineers.

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  • Timothy Lakeman
    Commercial Manager

    Timothy Lakeman joins us with over 20 years’ experience working in small & medium size enterprises throughout Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and India in a variety of industries including Media, Construction, Manufacturing and Technology.

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  • Luciano Peloche Moraes
    Consulting Operations Manager

    Luciano Peloche Moraes is the TXM Consulting Operations Manager with over 20 years’ experience in Operational Excellence Practices and Continuous Improvement through Lean concepts and methodology implementation in Manufacturing, Logistics, Office, Construction and Engineering.

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  • Tom Burdett
    WA State Manager

    Tom joins us with a wealth of experience having worked at Toyota, Du-pont, Lechler Spa, and Sun Chemical as a technician, Consultant and Sales Manager.

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  • David McCarthy
    NSW State Manager

    David McCarthy has over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and sales. He has multiple qualifications and a wide range of experience across the manufacturing sector. David honed his skills as a Production Manager for HMA Group managing 80 staff across fabrication, machining, lining and assembly for over 14 years.

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  • Michelle Brown
    Senior Consultant

    Michelle Brown is a dynamic Senior Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions. Since 2008, she's been using her expertise in aerospace and mechanical engineering to apply lean tools across a variety of industries. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she's adept at coaching key people and translating lean concepts into real business improvement.

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  • Robert Chittenden
    Senior Consultant

    Senior Manufacturing Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions, Robert Chittenden, has over 20 years of experience. His expertise lies in Lean production systems, focusing on continuous improvement in processes, products, and people.

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  • Axel Krens
    Senior Consultant

    Axel Krens joins TXM from a successful career at Denso Australia. Axel was a lean manufacturing specialist with more than 12 years’ experience implementing lean across manufacturing and office functions. Axel also has experience working in the FMCG industry.

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  • David Jaksa
    Senior Consultant

    David is a passionate Lean coach and facilitator who brings a broad range of practical Lean skills and experience to TXM. David can write course work and programs for a range of Lean Methodologies.

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  • Andrew Czompo
    Senior Consultant

    Andrew has a Mechanical Engineering Degree, a Masters of Business, is a certified Lean 6-Sigma Master Black Belt, a Lean and Agile Master and a qualified Trainer, Assessor and Program designer.

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  • Brent Johnstone
    Senior Consultant

    Brent Johnstone is a Senior Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions. With his Mechanical Engineering background, he has been instrumental in driving Lean Manufacturing and Lean Transformation across various sectors including aerospace, composites, rail maintenance, bus manufacturing, and construction materials.

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  • Tony Fedorowicz
    Senior Consultant

    Tony brings 30 years’ experience as a senior executive and advisor in Supply Chain Management with 15 years overlapping this as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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  • Frank Oxley
    Senior Consultant

    Frank joins TXM with extensive knowledge of improving organisations. He has predominantly worked with small and medium size enterprises’ wherever organisations need to strengthen their ability to identify problems and improve processes.

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  • Justin Tao
    Senior Consultant

    Justin Tao has been a transformative Senior Consultant at TXM Lean Solutions since 2011. Known for his proficiency in Lean Programs, particularly Kanban and TPM methodologies, he consistently delivers substantial results for manufacturers. Justin’s practical knowledge has been a major influence, setting the benchmark for TXM's consulting practices.

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  • Kelly Pierce
    Senior Consultant

    Kelly Pierce joins TXM Lean Solutions Australia with over 12 years’ experience working for international warehousing and logistics companies across the United States, Europe and most recently Australia.

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  • Thomas Gieloff
    Senior Consultant

    Thomas has over 20 years experience working in German Automotive and Australian heavy industry manufacturing. Thomas is a manufacturing specialist with broad experience in business process development, coaching cross functional teams as well as planning, development and implementation of complex Lean systems in challenging environments.

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  • Alex Teoh
    Senior Consultant

    Alex started his career implementing TPS in an engine assembly plant where he held key operation positions before becoming a lean consultant. He has led many in-depth lean transformations across a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from automobile, electronics, FMCG and pharmaceutical industries.

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  • Greg Kuszewski
    Senior Consultant

    Greg joins TXM with over 3 decades professional experience diversified across the manufacturing, mining, and service industries covering areas such as: production, supply chain, business strategy, project management, and also facilitation of Lean training, coaching and mentoring business leaders.

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  • Jeremy Wylie
    Senior Consultant

    A business process improvement practitioner implementing Lean Thinking for some 15 years. A passion that enveloped him during 17 years in the brewing industry, leading transformation programs across multiple sites.

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  • Michael Forster
    Senior Consultant

    Michael is an experienced project manager and business improvement consultant who has delivered high value projects and operations readiness across mining, rail, health and automotive industries. Michael’s authentic leadership style, combined with operations, reliability and maintenance experience has enabled technical teams and vendors to deliver challenging projects safely and efficiently.

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