Anthony Clyne has a deep understanding of Lean Thinking and an ability to explain and apply the concepts in many different processes. Anthony has been a lean consultant since 2002 with an impressive record of lean transformation in a range of industries including food, automotive, minerals processing and transaction processes.

As a Graduate Engineer at the Ford Motor Company, Anthony was initially taught standardised work using Yamazumi by Japanese-based Mazda engineers. This project won the President’s Award for innovative tooling. After numerous line re-layouts at Ford in Australia, Anthony received further training from the US-based Toyota Sensei and worked with automotive suppliers to reduce costs.

He was also mentored in Australia and the USA by a highly respected Toyota Lean Sensei’s (Teacher). Since partnering with TXM Lean Solutions in 2007, Anthony has worked with a range of customers including Schuetz DSL, Rosebank Engineering, Agilent Technologies, Ferguson Plarre, Branach Engineering, Jeff Sykes and Associates and more.

In 2010 TXM Lean Solutions expanded into SE Asia and Anthony has lead and supported the TXM Lean Solutions team. Client projects include Kmart, AstraZeneca, Kimberley Clark, and SCA packaging.

The US mentoring included close teaching from a US-based TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) guru and author (who is this person?). This mentoring along with having internal consultants trained by JIPM have resulted in a practical understanding of TPM and an appreciation for the value.

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