Development of the Lean System for Futuris Automotive Components

Client Futuris Automotive Components

Location Wuxi and Mianyang, China


Futuris Automotive Components is a global leading manufacturer of automotive components, providing complete seating and interior systems for OEMs including Ford, SAIC and Tesla. Futuris has established a new green plant in China to provide SAIC, GMC and Tesla with a high-quality seating systems. A material pull system, a standard operating procedure and a high-quality visual management system were requested in this plant. Therefore, Futuris expected TXM’s rich experience in lean consulting to facilitate them to build and develop the Lean system.

Futuris VMB

Assembly the visual management board


TXM customized the Lean improvement program for the Futuris plant in Wuxi, including a training of Lean concepts, VSM, plant layout optimization and adjustment, the establishment of materials supermarkets and pull systems, 5S and visual management system, material replenishment system, etc.

TXM worked together with the Lean management teams in the plant to promote the implementation of the Lean program. Here are the elements that TXM has worked on during the project:

  • Provided the Futuris management team with a training of Lean concepts to help them to understand the basic content of the Lean system, the analysis method of the VSM and the basic principles of the pull systems
  • Used TXM Lean plant layout development process, optimized and adjusted the plant layout by Cardboard Model Simulation
  • Established Supermarket and Kitting area for MS2 Frame, applied the visual method of “Red-Yellow-Green” to identify the status of the material stock quickly
  • Implemented 5S and visual management, developed 5S Standard for MS2 Assembly Line, improved the housekeeping on site, and set up the visual management board for the teams to communicate and solve problems quickly
  • Established a material replenishment system in welding, reduced WIPs, standardized the material flow and achieved the Leveling production
  • Established a standard operating procedure in the component packaging area, improved the 5S and visual management, and developed a small batch flow to reduce WIP and Lead time


  • The establishment of the Supermarket and pull system, the implementation of standardized work, the dramatic reduction in WIPs and an 80% reduction in lead time.
  • Improved 5S and visual management, and a quicker response to problems and solutions.