Modern Manufacturing Expo 2023: Join TXM Lean Solutions at Stand L12

Modern Manufacturing - Smart Manufacturing Conference

Join TXM Lean Solutions at the Modern Manufacturing Expo 2023

TXM Lean Solutions is pleased to announce taking part at Modern Manufacturing Expo 2023. The Modern Manufacturing Expo will highlight the leading-edge products, equipment, technologies, and software to help Australian Manufacturers to take advantage of new and emerging trends. Modern Manufacturing Expo will be held at the Sydney Showground between 20-21 September 2023.

In addition to exhibiting, Managing Director Tim McLean will be providing expert knowledge and insights into the role of technology to increase manufacturing performance. He will be presenting at the Smart Manufacturing Conference alongside Armando Lecaros, Operations Director of GME Limited on Wednesday September 20.

Tim and Armando will be presenting the topic “Transforming Manufacturing Performance at GME with Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0”.

TXM and GME have worked together over the past five years to transform the manufacturing process and improve competitiveness. This first involved moving from batch production to Lean flow production, radically reducing factory footprint and production lead times. Then the process was automated applying Industry 4.0 technologies in a Lean production framework. The results have been spectacular and provide a template for how Lean and Industry 4.0 can be combined to deliver a transformation in manufacturing performance.

On Thursday, September 21, Tim is scheduled to deliver a presentation titled “Eight Ways to Achieve More with Less.” During this session, he will delve into the core concept of the Eight Wastes. Tim will unveil practical, straightforward approaches to identify and eliminate these wastes, empowering attendees to immediately optimise their operations without necessitating any upfront investments. The overarching goal is to maximise efficiency and output while minimising waste, aligning perfectly with the ethos of Lean manufacturing principles.

TXM Managing Director Tim McLean said “Modern Manufacturing Expo and the Smart Conference are a great opportunity for manufacturers to get up to date with changes in our industry. At TXM we are looking forward to meeting ambitious business leaders who are looking for new ways to grow their businesses and increase returns. We think we have some innovative solutions to make this happen.”

Attending the Modern Manufacturing Expo is free, and you can claim a discount for the Smart Manufacturing Conference with code SMC23TM. Come see us at stand L12.

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.