New Facility Layout Improves Operational Efficiency at Edison & Day

Client Edison & Day

Location Derby, United Kingdom

Edison & Day create high quality fit outs for care homes from concept to realisation.


Edison & Day are a leading UK manufacturer of high quality, fit for purpose care home furniture and soft furnishings. They uniquely take control of the whole care home fit-out process from start to finish. Whether a new build care home, care home refurbishment or part of a refurbishment program, Edison & Day work directly with their clients to create exceptional interiors.

Edison & Day run operations in Salisbury and Derby. They were experiencing pressures at their Derby factory and contacted TXM requiring help to control their increasing list of back orders.

The Challenge

The entire team was under pressure to meet the high sales and increasing demand, as the extensive backlog of orders continued to grow. This backlog was hampering the business’s growth potential due to limited space. TXM was assigned the task of assisting the company in eliminating the backlog and expanding capacity for future growth, all within the existing Derby factory.

To achieve this, a new layout and workflow were devised for the Derby factory to accommodate a target of 60 units per day. The following measures were implemented:

  1. Increasing the daily output of finished units to reduce the existing backlog and create additional capacity for future growth.
  2. Setting a target of producing 30 finished units initially, with the ultimate goal of reaching up to 60 units per day.
  3. Implementing a Lean Facility Layout and workflow to significantly reduce congestion and non-value-added tasks in the production and assembly processes.
  4. Identifying the root causes of wasted product and providing coaching to the teams on how to eliminate the underlying issues.
  5. Designing workflows and schedules that allow for the integrated manufacturing of custom products without compromising the production of “standard products.”

The Solution

TXM Senior Consultant Lee Candy, facilitated a cross-functional team at Edison & Day in order to develop an improved manufacturing process using the TXM Manufacturing Agility Process®. Starting with the Current State Value Stream Map, focusing particularly on the wasteful steps, of batching and uneven work loading and lack of flow, the Edison & Day team then developed the Future State Value Stream Map.

The Future State Map was then used to redesign the layout to improve the flow of work, the location of cutting and edge-banding machinery, and supply of materials for production. A key driver was to have the capacity to meet the anticipated future demand, without adding unnecessary stock, storage space or additional staff.

From this future state concept, with coaching from Lee Candy, the Edison & Day team implemented the new workflow. Particular attention was paid to coaching the supervisors to coach their team and problem solve on a daily basis, making sure any corrective actions were applied immediately.

Before (Left): Heavily congested with high level of WIP stored on pallets, creating excessive work for the team, multiple handling of stock with potential for costly damage. After (Right): Massive reduction in WIP with custom built transport and clearly marked, Kanban controlled areas, creating space and a better working environment.

The Results

The production system has undergone a significant transformation, resulting in a revamped layout. A crucial factor considered during this process was the synchronization of output between automated machinery and skilled manual work to maintain an optimal level of work in progress (WIP). By implementing a streamlined workflow and introducing custom-built, mobile WIP trolleys in specific areas, the floor space has been freed up, allowing the team to concentrate on value-added activities.

The enhancements made to the working environment have fostered a sense of pride among the team members in their respective work areas. They now have ample time to clean and maintain the machines, thanks to the improved efficiency. With clearly designated areas and the implementation of visual management techniques, any production issues that arise can be easily identified and resolved by the operational team themselves.

Over the course of a year, the Edison & Day team created a Lean and scalable production line with the following impressive results:

  • 200% increase in output with capacity for >100 units (300% increase) with no additional staff
  • Edison & Day can more than double its turnover in the existing site.
  • Improved staff morale with has delivered better engagement, improved accountability, and set high standards of housekeeping in the factory.

“Now there is just a hum of controlled activity, and the factory actually gets tidier the busier we get!”
Connor Dible, Production Manager, Edison & Day

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.