Queensland Manufacturing Hub’s Regional Lean Manufacturing Workshops

Brisbane – Sponsored by the Queensland Government’s Manufacturing Hubs, TXM Lean Solutions facilitated a series of Lean Manufacturing Workshops across Regional Queensland.

These interactive two-day workshops were developed based on industry feedback and TXM’s extensive experience driving growth in Small and Medium Size Enterprises in over 30 countries. They have demonstrated to be highly effective in empowering business owners with the knowledge and skills to improve the outcomes for their businesses.

A group of people watching a presentation about business optimisation.
TXM Lean Expert Luciano explaining the 8 wastes to the Lean Manufacturing Workshop on day one.

Two-Day Tailored Lean Workshop

On the first day, participants gain insight into the untapped potential within their businesses and learn actionable steps for immediate and lasting performance improvement. Day two further enhances this understanding by exploring organisational cultural maturity, identifying barriers to change, and addressing resistance. These insights offer leaders a valuable framework for taking ownership and guiding their teams effectively.

The techniques learnt at these workshops can have lasting results for participants providing them with a solid foundation of knowledge to get started and implement Lean thinking in their businesses.

“The TXM Lean Manufacturing Workshop was a game changer for us. It highlighted simple effective lean tools to use on the factory floor to increase throughput, decrease lead time & improve our organisational processes. The presenter actively linked the lessons directly to our business, which ensured an understanding of what was needed to implement the tools. Every business should attend this course” Wayne Willis – Managing Director – Hodge Industries

TXM Lean Solutions is committed to assisting businesses by coaching them to minimise excess inventory to reduce carrying costs. We focus on streamlining processes to enhance the efficiency of delivering products or services, optimising workflows by eliminating non-value-added activities. Additionally, we prioritise identifying and addressing the root causes of defects instead of merely fixing the symptoms. Our approach aims to contribute to a smaller environmental footprint by minimising unnecessary consumption of materials and energy. Contact Us to find out more.

Timothy McLean

Author: Timothy McLean

Timothy McLean is the Managing Director of TXM Lean Solutions and is an author of Lean books.