TXM Lean Methodology Video – Practical 5S

5S is probably the most well known Lean technique and is one of the essential foundations of a successful production system. 5S is easy to start, but many companies struggle to sustain it. This TXM Lean Methodology video explains how the TXM Practical 5S(r) approach delivers sustainable results by placing accountability with your front line teams.

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“If you’re not improving, you’re going backwards.”

Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne, Welcome to this TXM Lean Methodology

Practical 5S is the TXM way of engaging staff to take ownership and improve their workspace using 5S.

Practical 5S incorporates many 5S learnings into an easy & effective methodology.

The challenge is to achieve cultural change through a 5s program.

We see lots of companies start 5S but struggle to achieve the cultural change necessary to sustain and keep improving their 5S system.

At TXM we focus on engaging the people to own the work area, define the standards, do an initial improvement, and then continue to sustain the improvement. As a result, the TXM Practical 5S approach will not only improve your workplace but drive your teams to achieve year on year improvement.

Ensure people have a common understanding of what Sort Out, Set In Order, and Shine & Check mean.

Apply this initially to make improvements.

Then focus on Standardise.

Broker what it means to OWN an area.

Get the person who owns the area to take a photo standard.

Display these photo standard in the work area.

Define the routine tasks and write these onto red-green tee cards.

Audits are a way of identifying improvements.

At TXM we have a dynamic audit tool that requires no follow-up administration.

You should expect highly engaged employees.

World-class housekeeping.

Productivity improvements.

Contact TXM to tie it all together and help you create a sustainable Practical 5S system in your business.

I’m Anthony Clyne, Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Methodology.