TXM Lean Minute – Creating a Culture of Daily Problem Solving

Creating a culture where your teams use simple practical problem-solving techniques every day can drive dramatic improvement in your business. However, how do you create a sustainable culture of daily problem-solving?

TXM Methodology: Solving Problems Every Day

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Daily Problem Solving is difficult. People need leaders that encourage, support, understand, and tolerate errors.

Hi, I’m Anthony Clyne. Welcome to this TXM Lean Minute.

The TXM Solving Problems Every Day is straight forward lean tool that requires a lot of hard work and focus to do well.

The challenge for work teams is to break the reactive workplace cycle.

Often a workplace will be overwhelmed by regular daily problems.

TXM help workplaces break the reactive daily problem-solving cycle.

The TXM Concern Strips enable a structured way to write down problems and communicate theories, trials, and actions.

The leadership style required need to support people to have a go. Perfection is often the biggest barrier to problem-solving.

Remember, it’s NOT about filling out the concern strip properly.

It IS about the people that do the work deciding what to do, getting the action done, and checking that it worked.

Solving Problems Every Day boosts your improvement program. Plans can achieve the targets quicker, and future targets need less compromise.

Contact TXM to provide the structure and support.

I’m Anthony Clyne & Thank you for watching this TXM Lean Minute.