TXM Lean Minute – How to Sustain Lean Manufacturing

TXM Lean Minute – How to Sustain Lean Manufacturing

The challenge many businesses face is how to sustain lean manufacturing. Initial improvements may be impressive, but they are not sustained and soon things go back to where they were or even worth. This video talks about how to sustain lean manufacturing year after year.

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Hi, I’m Tim Mclean and welcome to this TXM Lean Minute. Lots of companies try to implement Lean Thinkng. However some really do much better than others. In particular companies who invest in Lean or Six Sigma training programs often see very few results apart from a few certificates on the walls.

At TXM we have an outstanding track record of delivering sustainable change.so that our customers make major improvements and then keep improving themselves year after year. So how do you sustain lean manufacturing?

Gaining knowhow about Lean is only part of the picture. If you provide knowhow, but leadership behaviours don’t change and the improvement does not alight with strategy then change will not be sustained.

However even when leadership is supportive and there is a clear link between Lean and your business strategy there is still another barrier to overcome. Culture is the pattern of values assumptions and everyday behaviours in your business that have developed over years. Many of these will be at odds with the objectives of lean and need to be explicitly identified and addressed through communication and coaching, especially of front line leaders.

It is only then, when you have aligned your leaders, addressed cultural barriers and provided the knowhow about lean that sustainable change will occur.

However it is worth the effort because, as you will see from our case studies, Lean will transform your business performance.

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I’m Tim McLean and this has been a TXM Lean Minute.