TXM Lean Minute – Lean Problem Solving – Breaking Down the Problem

Daily problem solving is at the heart of continuous improvement. We often find companies struggling by making problem-solving harder than it needs to be.  In this Lean Minute video, Michelle Brown explains the importance of defining the problem and breaking it down into smaller clearly defined elements that we can address one by one.

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Today we are going to look at how to overcome one of the biggest hurdles to successful daily problem-solving. Hello, I’m Michelle and welcome to this TXM Lean minute.

Daily problem solving is at the heart of continuous improvement and successful companies solve lots of problems every day, involving everyone in their organisation. We often find companies struggling by making the process harder than it needs to be.

The challenge that makes problem-solving so hard is how we define the problem. We see a problem and scale it up until it’s a huge task that needs lots of attention and money to fix. This makes the problem-solving process daunting, difficult and almost impossible for your average teams to investigate and fix – no wonder we feel we aren’t any good at problem-solving. We make it too hard for ourselves!

The key step is to understand how to define the problem. We need to break it down into a small, clearly defined issue, and allow our team the time to explore what is actually going on. Only then do we start to investigate possible causes and look for the most likely root cause that we can eliminate.

TXM can assist you by helping your team develop their problem-solving skills, so give us a call today.
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