Lean Manufacturing Case Studies in Modular Construction

Lean technology and manufacturing principles have become critical tools in transforming businesses in almost every industry, including modular construction. Lean can help transform your modular construction business by reducing waste, lowering lead times, reducing operational costs, and boosting production, thus, revenue.

This article looks at a case study to show how lean solutions from us, TXM Lean Solutions, can  help transform your modular construction business and take it to a higher level.

Interpod – Modular Bathrooms Built On Operational Excellence

Our client Interpod is based in Wyong, New South Wales, and is Australia’s largest builder of customised prefabricated high-end bathrooms for residential and commercial buildings. Interpod was facing a challenge meeting its production volume requirements as the company grew and got new clients. In 2012, they were finding it difficult to deliver on their new 300-bathrooms contract in five months for a new hotel in Melbourne.

Interpod was also facing competition from new modular bathroom builders. Upon consulting TXM and working, our top and highly-experienced lean consultants devised solutions for:

  • Mapping end-to-end production flow
  • Production scheduling
  • Tile curing times for faster delivery
  • Raw material flow designs
  • Optimum production rate
  • Supply to match the production line.


The results for Interpod were remarkable:

  • Increased production volume. Interpod builds 40 bathrooms per day
  • Standardised production procedures
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • On-time delivery
  • Better design processes, making it possible to easily accommodate and handle new projects.
  • A higher production quality
  • A higher production capacity. Our client can comfortably handle and deliver on projects of any size.

Lean Principles Could Be All You Need To Transform Your Business

Like Interpod, your business can significantly benefit from lean principles regardless of industry. At TXM Lean Solutions, we have a team of top and highly-experienced lean consultants ready to work with you and enhance your business’ performance. Our work speaks for itself, as seen from other case studies.

Whether in Australia, France, or Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, and let’s transform your business together.  Did you know that TXM is also present in the UK and NZ? Visit https://txm.com/uk/ or https://txm.com/nz/ to learn more.