Lean Manufacturing in the Packaging Industry

The possibilities of lean manufacturing enterprise principles in streamlining and improving processes in almost every industry, including packaging, are unlimited. With lean manufacturing, it’s possible to meet and achieve production capacities, packaging standardization, value maximisation, waste minimisation, lower production, and lead times in packaging.

We at TXM Lean Solutions are ready to work with you and transform your packaging processes to meet current industry standards and regulations, meet customer demands, and enjoy a better bottom line.

Selected Case Studies

Lean principles can benefit your packaging business regardless of size and/or industry. We’ve successfully helped enterprises transform and make a difference with our lean technology solutions. Here are selected cases studies:

  1. A Global Leading Packaging Supplier

Our client, a leading packaging supplier to global electronic manufacturers and subcontractors, was struggling to meet their customers’ “Just In Time” supply at short lead times. The result was excessive work in progress, poor productivity, and high customer returns across their five plants, four in China and one in Malaysia.

Upon applying our solutions, our client achieved the following:

  • Finished goods inventory reduced by 32%.
  • Lead times reduced by 28%.
  • Plant space utilization increased by 44%.
  • 75% lower monthly backlog orders.
  • A 25% reduction in quality defects and rejects, thus customer returns.

SCHUTZ DSL, located in Melbourne, Australia, is a global leader in reusable industrial packaging throughout Australia and South East Asia. As the company grew, they were facing challenges handling excess stock, leading to container demurrage charges. Highly manual processes, lack of space, and poor housekeeping were also lowering morale and productivity. The final problem was high staff turnover and increased employee dissatisfaction.

After undertaking value stream mapping, TXM:

  • Defined effective processes for raw materials.
  • Established ways to enact leadership changes.
  • Developed ways to improve team culture.
  • Developed processes for planning and fulfilling customer orders.
  • Established lean foundations for stabilising the factory.

These solutions lead to significant improvements:

  • Inventory reduced by 40%.
  • Finished goods inventory decreased by 30%.
  • Demurrage costs were eliminated.
  • Reduced shortages.
  • Output per shift increased by 50%.
  • Better housekeeping.
  • Reduced planning and materials workload.
  • Significant culture and morale improvements.
  • Lead time in almost every product reduced to one day.

Your Packaging Business Could Benefit From Lean Manufacturing

With a reliable lean manufacturing consultant, you can lower lead times, wastages, inventory, and shortages while enhancing space utilization and employee morale, as evident in our case studies.

Whether in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, or Canada, our dedicated and highly experienced Lean Consultants are ready to help and work with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to work with us and transform your business.