Lean manufacturing is a management system that has been around since the 1980s. Developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation, businesses across several sectors have adopted this management system to cut operation costs and increase revenue.

Lean manufacturing case studies show how we have helped manufacturers solve production issues and reduce lead time.

Today’s world moves fast. Extensive technological advancements and the internet of things have enabled customers to access goods and services with a single click or swipe. Manufacturers need to streamline and optimize operations to reduce lead time so that goods reach customers when they need them.

Lean manufacturing prioritizes reducing lead time. Manufacturers can achieve this by implementing agile and flexible processes to minimize waste. Design an efficient factory layout to eliminate waste of inventory, labour, and energy and also reduce time spent by employees in motion.

The 5 Lean Manufacturing Principles

These five principles are essential to your business’s lean and profitable operation.

  • Elimination of elements that do not add value to the process of customer satisfaction
  • Implementation of long-term quality management systems to reduce reliance on quality control and production issues
  • Proper knowledge documentation and standard working instructions to follow through every shift
  • Lean manufacturing encourages continuous improvement of operational processes and standards to achieve higher efficiencies.
  • Lean leadership encourages respect for people and supports continuous personal improvement.

We do not have to tell it all; our lean manufacturing case studies speak for our abilities. We have helped so many manufacturers achieve production efficiencies they thought were not achievable. Your situation is not unique. See how TXN has helped other manufacturers with the same problems.

You will have several lean jargon terms to navigate when starting your lean journey. It can be challenging to understand every word you encounter for the first time. Grab this free glossary and escape the jargon: https://go.txm.com/lean-manufacturing-glossary