Lean Manufacturing Services Case Studies

The potential of lean methodology to modernise and improve the manufacturing process is huge. Lean manufacturing services can help your company in reducing capital costs for the facility, as well as lowering operating costs and lead times. In this article, we will review some lean manufacturing services case studies to better understand the value lean can add to your business.

Examples of Lean Manufacturing in Services

Below are case studies and examples of Lean manufacturing in services provided by TXM Lean Solutions:

Beechworth Bakery 

Situated in 6 regional towns, including the historic Beechworth town in Victoria, Beechworth Bakery is Australia’s most popular bakery. In a year, it serves over 1 million tourists with a variety of pastries, breads, and cakes.

However, as the demand spiked,  it was unable to meet the high volumes of customers at peak times. The disruption  in  flow of clients, coupled with a lack of a standard process behind the counter, resulted in lengthy wait times and dissatisfied customers.

TXM Lean Solutions improved “Front of House” processes to enhance the customer experience and achieved the following:

  • 40% reduction in the average customer waiting times, leading to improved customer feedback.
  • “Front of house” staff are empowered to handle their workload, with efficient management of peak loads.
  • The new concierge is provides early contact with customers and ensures customers are not delayed unnecessarily.
  • The general customer experience at Beechworth Bakery is as good as the food.

ATCO Structures and Logistics

ATCO Structures and Logistics is part of the ATCO Group of Companies and operates manufacturing facilities in North America and Australia. The company has been providing quality modular buildings and workforce housing solutions across Australia and South East Asia.

The TXM team worked with ATCO Structures and Logistics to substantially save capital costs, as well as lowering operational costs and shortening lead times. The team made the following achievements:

  • Strategic reduction in the facility’s roof area and roof workings height, as well as reduction in cranes and loading of concrete to save up to $6 million.
  • Changes in capacity – from 6 floors a day to 13 floors a day.
  • Reduced labour inputs by 30%
  • Improved safety by introducing segregation areas
  • Reduced manual handling risks as well as working in a high risk environment.
  • Reduced lead time from 17 days to 4 days while maintaining flexible self-configuration – thus, enabling change from different types of units.

TXM Lean Manufacturing Services For Your Company

Our Lean Solutions can benefit your company, regardless of the industry, by cutting down capital costs, operational costs, lead times, and waiting times, and improving customer satisfaction. For more information on how we can transform your business, kindly contact us.

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