The new TXM website takes off in December 2017

In December TXM launched a brand new website to reflect our growing and diversifying global business. The new features a more modern and user friendly layout including a “mega menu” that will enable you to quickly find what you need across the whole website.

As TXM becomes a global company, it was important to locate our web content on the .com domain so that our clients in the 15+ countries in which we currently do business can access content that is relevant to them.

Our site is a popular lean resource used by thousands of Lean practitioners around the world and the Learn about Lean section brings all our lean resources including blogs, videos and articles together along with a useful glossary of Lean terms and informative articles about key Lean Methodologies.

For those interested in finding how Lean applies to their industry, the For Your Industry section provides information and links to a wealth of information and case studies about implementing Lean in the wide range of industries in which TXM works. Of course you will find information and case studies about applying Lean in almost every kind of manufacturing imaginable. But in addition you will learn how we implement Lean in industries as diverse as Resources, Supply Chain and Distribution, Industrial Services and Food and Agriculture as well as we help Private Equity companies get the best performance out of their investments. We have also introduced a special section dedicated to sharing our world leading expertise in deploying Lean in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise.

Finally if you are interest to learn more about TXM and how we do things, the Lean Solutions and About Us sections will provide you everything you need to know and access to our popular on-line store.

A year in the making, we think the new is a big step forward for TXM and for furthering the cause of Lean Thinking on-line. We hope you will agree.

Drew Locher
Drew Locher

Respected international Lean expert, Drew Locher will be the keynote speaker at the Best Practice Network 2018 Operational Excellence Summit on February 23rd, 2018 at the Surf Air Beach Hotel the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Drew is the author of three highly regarded books on Lean and the winner of multiple  Shingo Awards. Drew will open the conference with a keynote presentation on Lean leadership. Drew will also be running a series of full day workshops around the country. Following Michael Bremer’s sold out workshop tour of Australia, we expect the summit and Drew’s workshops to be extremely popular, so make sure you sign up early.

As well as Drew, the Operational Excellence features a wide range of highly respected Lean Practitioners and Operational Leaders including:

  • Doug Rickarby – former Operations Manager of Toyota Australia,
  • Paul Schema – CEO, First Contact
  • David Greves – CEO, Darwalla Group
  • Stuart Anderson -Regional Vice President Supply Asia Pacific, AstraZeneca
  • Madhawa Attapatu – CEO, Fashion Garments, Vietnam
  • Kim Gallant – Continuous Improvement Manager, Airbus
  • David King – Dulux Operations Manager, Dulux Group
  • Anthony Wensley – Operations Manager, Laminex, Gympie

The day will also include networking sessions that provide an excellent opportunity to share experiences and learn from Operations professionals in some of the most respected manufacturing businesses in Australia.

Download the Operational Excellence Summit Flyer Here

AME Boston 2017 Lego sim
Participants at AME Boston Concentrating Intently on the Lean Supply Chain Lego Simulation

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean and Queensland Best Practice Network Director, Kevin Bennett had an enjoyable day on Monday 9 October running our new Lean Supply Chain Simulation at the AME 2017 Conference in Boston.

The simulation uses a simple Lego manufacturing process to demonstrate the challenges of managing an extended supply chain. It shows how using Lean approaches can dramatically improve supply chain performance.

Participants at the Boston workshop came from a wide range of manufacturing industries including food, household appliances and medical devices. All agreed that the workshop realistically simulated what happens in a typical supply chain.

Participants had highly positive feedback, with the quote of the day being from a Sales and Operations Planning Manager from a major US company admitting:
” You have blown my mind. I have spent my whole career believing that the MRPII/Class A approach was the only effective way to run an international supply chain. Now [after the workshop] I am reassessing my whole thinking”

Members of the Best Practice Network will get the opportunity to participate in this fascinating simulation at workshops around Australia as 2018. As well, Tim plans to present the workshop to customers in the UK early in the New Year.

Tim said, “Developing the lean supply chain Lego simulation has been a huge amount of work. However the Boston workshop shows that we now have a unique world class simulation that effectively highlights the challenges of extended international supply chains”. Tim went on to say, “Developing the workshop would not have been possible without Best Practice Network. Kevin and (Victorian facilitator) Neil Hooke offered tremendous insights and expertise and Best Practice Network members, especially Leica Biosystems, Denso, Sequirus and  Toyota were generous in their willingness to participate in the trial runs of the simulation and to provide practical constructive feedback.”

Learn More about Lean Supply Chain in Tim McLean’s Book “On Time In Full”

TXM is looking forward to participating once again in the next AME USA Conference to be held in San Diego in October 2018.

Michael Bremer Image
Michael Bremer

TXM and Best Practice Network are excited to host Michael Bremer, the Author of “How to Do a Gemba Walk” for a series of workshops around Australia in November.

At the recent AME International Conference in Boston, I was privileged to meet and spend time with Michael. He is highly respected and brings a practical down to earth approach to developing the skills of a Lean Leader. In today’s competitive and changing world, we all need to find ways to engage every person at every level in our organisations. We can no longer afford the “eighth waste” of under-utilised skills and knowledge. Michael’s Gemba walk approach provides you with practical tools to improve the way you communicate with your people  and to unlock their potential.

We are also particularly pleased that some of Australia’s best manufacturing companies have volunteered to host Michael’s Workshops. The workshops will be in:

Register now to secure your place.

All attendees will receive a free copy of Michael’s book “How to Do a Gemba Walk”.

Substantial discounts are available for TXM Customers and Best Practice Network members.

Tim McLean's book, On Time In Full, has provided the inspiration for his articles in US magazines Industry Week and Target
Tim McLean’s book, On Time In Full, has provided the inspiration for his articles in US magazines Industry Week and Target

TXM have provided articles for industry magazines for years, with our content regularly appearing in Australian Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturers Monthly and a number of other trade journals. It was a bit special though to get two of our articles accepted by major US manufacturing industry on-line magazines, Industry Week and the Target, the magazine of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence in the last month.

Both articles focus on lean supply chain topics, which will be the focus of TXM Director, Tim McLean’s workshop at the AME Conference in Boston next month and an increasing concern of TXM customers.

Over the past 15 years there has been a massive wave of outsourcing making supply chains longer and more complex. The implications and costs of these outsourcing decisions is only recently being realised by many businesses. The result is often high levels of inventory and poor on time and in full delivery.

In our first Industry Week article, Tim McLean provides an overview of the key factors that prevent your business achieving on time in full delivery and how you can use Lean approaches to change these factors. This article focuses on the benefits of a good sales and operations planning process to balance supply and demand along with effective product management to keep your product range under control.

Read Achieve Perfect Delivery with a Lean Supply Chain from Industry Week

The Target article zeroes in supply chain software and why it is not the solution to poor on time in full delivery performance. The article discusses what is really driving your delivery problems and suggests where you need to focus to improve on time in full delivery. It also provides some simple suggestions about the best way to use your ERP software and other supply chain software tools.

Read Why Software is NOT the Solution to Your On Time In Full Delivery Problem from Target On Line

If you want to learn more about how to improve your on time delivery performance, get a copy of Tim McLean’s book, On Time In Full from our E-Store

Lean Supply chain simulation
Participants at Horizon Global busy themselves with Learning about Supply Chain with Lego

TXM and Best Practice Network have been collaborating over the past month to develop and refine a new Lego simulation workshop to teach the principles of the Lean Supply Chain.

The simulation concept was developed by TXM Director, Tim McLean. Tim tapped in to the considerable coaching experience of Victorian Best Practice Network Faciliator Neil Hooke a small team of volunteers from Best Practice Network Members Toyota, Leica Biosystems, Denso and CSL Sequirus.

On 7 September an enthusiastic team of participants took part in the first full run of the simulation at a Best Practice Network event at Horizon Global in Dandenong. A further run is planned at Leica Biosystems in late September, before the simulation is taken to the US to be officially launched at the AME Boston 2017 Conference where Tim McLean and Kevin Bennett from Best Practice Network will run the simulation.

The innovative simulation simulates an extended supply chain with a simple manufacturing process, a warehouse, local and overseas suppliers. Participants see the problems that occur in a normal forecast driven supply chain and then make improvements using lean supply chain thinking to improve performance. The one day workshop enables participants to understand first hand what is going wrong in their supply chain and the simulation is backed up with real case studies and coaching on supply chain principles.



TXm Consultant day
Members of the TXM consulting team at the TXM Consultant Development workshop (L-R Robert Chittenden, Michelle Brown, Valogi Suhinin, Roger Crothers and Andrew Czompo

July saw many of the TXM lean consulting team converge on Melbourne for a two day professional development meeting. TXM has invested heavily in recent years in developing the skills of our consulting team and the resources they have available to deliver outstanding results for customers around the world. Previous meetings have focused on defining the TXM approach and TXM standard work for key Lean tools and techniques. This has lead to development of the TXM Pathway, our unique and highly flexible approach for coaching our clients in implement Lean.

This month’s workshop focused on some of the elements of achieving a successful Lean transformation in a customer’s business. This is often more about the process of understanding the customer and managing change that the Lean tools themselves. Key themes of the two day workshop included:

  • Understanding the customers needs and goals through the sales process.
  • Engaging the customer at the start of the project and throughout the project.
  • Measuring and quantifying the benefits of Lean.

Sharing and collaborating is a big feature of the TXM approach and so on each topic, TXM consultants presented their own experiences and approaches. The result was new ideas and techniques that our consulting team can apply to deliver better outcomes for your business.

The next professional development day has been set for November and continues our goal of achieving a high quality and consistent standard of Lean consulting delivery across every member of our team across the world. So when you engage a TXM consultant anywhere in the world, you will know to expect highly professional skilled consultants able to deliver sustainable positive change in your business.


gemba-walk-199x300Best Practice Network is bringing highly respected international Lean experts, Michael Bremer and Drew Locher to Australia to run a series of workshops in November and February.

Michael Bremer is a US expert on shop floor engagement. His Shingo Prize winning book, “How to Do a Gemba Walk” is a practical guide on how to engage with your front line teams in the workplace. Michael has a 30 year experience in Lean and continuous improvement. Michael’s workshop provides practical coaching on how to conduct effective Gemba walks where you “go see, ask why, and show respect to more actively engage people in performance improvement activities. Michael will be running workshops in:

  • Sydney on 7 November.
  • Brisbane on 9 November.
  • Melbourne on 14 November
  • Perth on 17 November.

The workshops are filling up fast. Best Practice Network members are eligible for substantial discounts.

Download the Michael Bremer Event Flyer Here

Drew Locher
Drew Locher

Drew Locher is one of the most well known and respected experts in the international Lean community. Drew has written four books on Lean. His expertise ranges across Lean and Value Stream Mapping in the office, Lean product development and effective Lean leadership. Drew will be the keynote speaker at the Best Practice Network National Summit on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast on 23 February 2018. Outside the summit, Drew will be running a series of workshops around Australia with details to be announced soon.
Check out the Best Practice Network Website Events Page to keep up to date with Drew’s workshops and register for the Summit and for Michael and Drew’s workshops.


Hall of Fame
Members at the TXM Team Recognised at the 2016 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Gala Dinner.

2017 is proving to be a year of exceptional growth for TXM and the Best Practice Network. As a result we are actively looking for new people to join our business as Lean Consultants and Best Practice Network facilitators.

In Best Practice Network we are on the lookout for new facilitators in Perth and Sydney. These exciting roles involve leading established and growing networks of some of Australia’s leading manufacturing and industrial companies in NSW and WA. The facilitator supports the membership by organising and running monthly events and promoting the growth of the network. To succeed in this role you need to be a natural networker and people person with strong communication skills. You will have a proven track record in manufacturing and a good understanding of Lean and the issues facing manufacturing in Australia today. Your job will be made much easier if you have a strong reputation and existing network in industry in WA or NSW.  Contact Best Practice Network if you are interested in learning more about becomng a Best Practice Network Facilitator in Sydney or Perth.

At TXM we are on the lookout for experienced Senior Lean Consultants, especially in Melbourne. This is a unique opportunity to make a long term commitment to Australia’s most respected and experienced team of Lean consultants. You will be coached in the unique “TXM Pathway” Lean coaching approach and enjoy regular professional development with your peers. Most importantly you will get to take on a diverse range of challenging Lean improvement projects across a wide range of industries. You will be a mature individual with extensive experience in recognised exemplar Lean organisations. You will have excellent influencing and change management skills and, of course, you will have a deep understanding of Lean developed over many years of applying these skills in real situations. You will place a high level of importance on ethics, professionalism and customer value and be committed to making a lasting positive difference to the companies you work with.  If you are interested, please submit your details on the TXM Careers page.

Tim Scurlock lean consultant
TXM Senior Consultant – Tim Scurlock will co-facilitate the Maidstone, Warwick, Norwich and Hatfield workshops.

TXM Managing Director, Tim McLean is heading to Europe in June to support our growing team in the UK as well as start our first project in Switzerland.

Tim and TXM UK consultants, Tim Scurlock and Lee Candy will be running a series of seven workshops in the south of England focusing on the challenges of implementing Lean in small and medium sized enterprises. Over 100 small and medium sized manufacturing, distribution and services companies will be represented in the workshops that are scheduled for:

  • Maidstone – 19 June
  • Guildford – 20 June
  • Warwick – 21 June
  • Norwich – 22 June
  • Hatfield – 23 June
  • Yeovil – 28 June
  • Hereford – 29 June
Lee Candy Lean Consultant
TXM Senior Consultant will Co-facilitate the Guidford, Yeovil and Hereford workshops.

Workshops are almost fully booked, but a few spaces are still available for all the workshops, so contact us now if you are interested.

Following the two weeks in the UK, Tim will head to the beautiful Swiss City of Fribourg to work with leading solar energy company, Glass2Energy with the next stage of commercialization of their dye sensitised solar cell technology. Glass2Energy is the first company in the world to enter commercial production for this type of transparent solar cell that is analogous plant photosynthesis. TXM are assisting Glass2Energy to ramp up production to meet growing demand for their products.

Beyond Europe TXM’s march around the world continues with TXM Consultants likely to be heading to Canada and Brazil in the next few months as well as TXM’s current or recent projects in China, USA, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and (of course) every state of Australia.