Yves Rocher Production Cost Reduction Lean Program – 50% Reduction In WIP

Client Yves Rocher

Location Qingdao, China


Yves Rocher is a fully integrated manufacturer engaged in research and development, design, manufacture and sales of basic commodities. Yves Rocher commissioned one manufacturer of fiber mop tools in Qingdao to produce Top Tool mops.

Yves Rocher requested TXM to implement a Lean program to reduce the production costs of the Top Tool mop products, making this product a profit centre for them.


TXM established a Lean system to achieve a substantial cost reduction. TXM implemented a VSM, Visual Management, Standardized Work and the Supplier Integration to optimize the work and the material flow, to reduce the WIP and to achieve cost reductions with the most potential.

  • Developed the current state and the future state of the value stream map, action plan and the overall road map for improving the Top Tool management team.

YR Pic1

  • Developed the A3 Action Plan in assembly line for the Top Tool, establish the Operator Balance Chart in assembly line for the Top 2G Pole, formulate standard work for all work stations, identify the wastes in the process and drive on-site improvements,


  • Used the Poka Yoke to help operators to improve operations, quality and production efficiency,
  • Provided a standardized work training and a continuous flow training for the front line employees and the management team, establish a Work Station Standard Operation Sheet, and drive improvements of on-site continuous flow,
  • Implemented 5S and visual management, 5S is well implemented in raw material storage and mixing area of HLX, and the visual management boards are well maintained.



  • A 3% reduction in production cost for Stan Home, through the implementation of the Lean program,
  • A 15% increase in productivity,
  • A 50% reduction in WIP.