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Final Round of the Leadership for Operational Excellence Program

TXM Training is progressing well with the last round of The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program coming up in August, covering the Solving Problems Every Day process.

Solving Problems Every Day – 14th August @ Leica Biosystems, Mount Waverly, VIC

Solving Problems Every Day – 14th August @ Scientific Gaming, Silverwater, NSW

Solving Problems Every Day – 22nd August @ Winson Group, Wakerley, QLD

TXM Training Extended Program

Following The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program we will be running our extended TXM Training program from September till November.

We will be running workshops for Value Stream Mapping, Coaching Problem Solving, Countdown Project Management and the Lean Supply Chain Simulation.

Advanced Lean techniques and methodologies

Our Value Stream Mapping workshop specifies the correct techniques to successfully implement Value Stream Mapping in your organisation and create a culture of operational excellence. This unique workshop allows micro-behaviours to be defined immediately and further engages you to participate and learn Value Stream Mapping at an operational level.

Our Countdown Project Management workshop concentrates on providing a powerful, high involvement project simulation in which teams assume the roles of a fictional company with a critical need to improve their project management processes. It will quickly involve participants in a project working with Gnatt charts, estimating delays and costs, evaluating critical paths, assessing project risks and making decision trade-offs.

The Lean Supply Chain Simulation workshop delivers hands-on experiences in solving supply chain problems.
 Discovering the reasons why your supply chain is failing to deliver and develop new strategies to overcome them.

Coaching Problem Solving – 2-Day workshop for coaching best practice problem solving for your teams. Delving into the more advanced problem solving techniques like breaking down and measuring real problems, the A3 thinking methodology and simple templates for effective communication.

Campari 2-Day Problem Solving Workshop Flyer

TXM Lean Solutions will be Exhibiting at FoodTech 2019 in Queensland

TXM Lean Solutions will be exhibiting at FoodTech 2019. It is the only Queensland show specifically targeted at tradespeople in the Food Manufacturing Industry across Queensland & Australia. Creating new lines in manufacturing. Featuring the latest advancements in food and drink 
manufacturing, FoodTech Qld 2019 is proud to support
 and showcase Queensland’s appetite for innovation
 within the food industry.

TXM Lean Case Study: Houston’s Farms – Lean for AgribusinessVegetables

TXM can help you amplify your business to new heights in these uncertain times.

We are looking forward to exhibiting and showing our experience assisting food manufacturers to improve operational performance through the application of Lean Manufacturing.

TXM are Australia’s leading Lean Consultants with offices around Australia and globally. Apart from working with iconic Global and Australian companies, TXM has assisted many food manufacturers to reduce waste, increase productivity, improve customer service, increase flexibility, reduce downtime, and reorganise their production layouts.

Our unique approach has been particularly effective in the food manufacturing sector, where we have been able to increase productivity by over 25% and reduce lead time by more than 50%. TXM Lean Solutions are very proud to have helped supercharge our clients businesses to the next level come see what we can do for you.

TXM Lean Case Study: Harvest Moon – Lean Farm Transformation

Visit us at Booth A18 right by the Forum and say hello. Talk us through the challenges you face in your business. Our team will have creative cost effective solutions to your problems.

TXM Managing Director – Tim McLean will be presenting and running a discussion forum about ‘Achieving Operational Excellence in the 21st Century Food Industry’ on Monday 29th July at 11am.

Join us for a free Lean workshop at Pilkington Glass. Lean concepts are powerful tools for increasing productivity and enabling your business to reach its growth and profit potential. However, the challenge is to adapt these powerful techniques so they are relevant to the challenges of a small and medium-sized enterprise.

Date: 19th July 2019
Location: Pilkington UK, Greengate Works, Sherdley Road, St. Helens, Merseyside. WA9 5DZ
Time: 8:00am – 1:00pm
Theme: Operational Efficiency

You will learn:

– Why achieving profitable growth is such a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses.
– Core Lean principles that will help you see opportunity in your businesses
– Why a “big company solution” like Lean works so effectively in smaller businesses.
– The steps to successful Lean implementation in small and medium business
– How to unlock your business’ growth potential

Why you should attend!

Participants will discuss how the issues above are relevant to their own businesses and develop a simple “One Page Plan” to address key issues.

The workshop also features the airplane game, which is a great way for SMEs to understand key Lean concepts. It enables you to get practical hands-on experience of how Lean can transform business performance.

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at business owners and senior leaders from manufacturing businesses.

Eligibility Criteria:

– Location: North West manufacturing clients
– Note: you must be a manufacturer to attend
– SME: Small or medium enterprise i.e. less than 250 (Full-Time Equivalent) employees and annual turnover less than 50 Million Euro
– Sector Restrictions may also apply

Register Your Interest Today!

Here at TXM we have seen great growth in the North American and European markets. This has given us the opportunity to expand our resources and increase our presence in North America and Europe.

Normand Sawyer and Bérengère Cortin join the team in North America.

Normand Sawyer is an experienced leader in operational excellence, he has been involved in numerous transformation projects focusing on performance improvement and business process optimization.

He is also prominent in developing people through enhanced management and coaching skills, and the optimal use of balanced score cards. He masters change leadership

activities in support of mergers and cost reduction initiatives.

Bérengère Cortin joins TXM with over 20 years’ experience in Lean Management, Problem Solving and Strategic Project Management.

She uses a structured analytics-driven, cross-functional and participative process to operationalize strategies.

She has extensive experience in international environments and will focus on the North American market for TXM North America.

Mika Branestam and Maciej Wiertel join the TXM Europe team.

Mika has 16 years of experience in big Pharma (AstraZeneca) and an additional 10 years of consulting experience in Pharma and other Industries.

He has broad experience in implementing Lean in Production, Planning, R&D, Supply Chain and QC/QA giving Mika the perspective to improve the whole value stream.

Mika is skilled in Business Processes, Business Planning, Operations Management, Lean Operations, and Lean Management.

Maciej joins TXM with over 15 years’ experience spanning automotive, food and pharma, medical equipment, appliances, electronics machine building and heavy industry across Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the US.

Maciej has extensive experience training, coaching and developing the implementation of production system tools and techniques in production and service environments.

Based in Poland, Maciej will be able to manage and support your staff at every step of your Continuous Improvement journey.

Based in Europe or North America and need help expanding your business? Give TXM Europe or North America a call and see how we can help you achieve your vision.

TXM Training at The Laminex Group – Cheltenham

TXM Training first session a huge success!

TXM Training has finished its first round of workshops from The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program. The first being the Lean Leadership Introduction. This workshop was aimed at teaching attendees how to align Leadership, Lean Know-how and Culture to drive sustainable change in their organisations.

The workshops are facilitated by our capable Senior Lean Practitioners, Brent Johnstone facilitated the New South Wales and Queensland sessions with our Senior Lean Practitioner David Jaksa taking the reigns for Victoria.

Both practitioners used their past experiences as examples, adding their own spin with experiences they had whilst working for their respective organsations as Lean Professionals.

Attendees learnt a range of techniques and methods from identifying waste, the role of the Lean Leader, Cultural Barriers to Lean Change and Transformation. It gave attendees a common understanding of Lean and Operational Excellence helping them understand the core concepts and preparing them for the next session around a Lean Manufacturing Simulation.

The general consensus from attendees was that the first session was very valuable, giving attendees a new way to think about situations and how they can implement continuous improvement transformations in their businesses

TXM Training hosted workshops in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Our Victorian session was hosted by The Laminex Group – Cheltenham this session included a site tour of their operation highlighting the processes and efficiency gains from Lean implementation.

The workshop was created for teaching people with little to no knowledge of Lean about the standard methodologies used to create a system of continuous improvement in their organsation. It was designed to be the first of six workshops teaching the foundations of Lean.


“TXM’s Lean Leadership Introduction module was brilliantly delivered by Brent Johnstone and gave great ideas to expand human capital and progress velocity in any operation.”

Magnus Aahlen – Lean Coordinator

Our next workshops will be the Lean Basics Introduction – Lean Manufacturing Simulation held May 2019. The workshop is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the Lean Manufacturing Process.

Spaces are limited, Secure your position today! NSWVICQLD

TXM Lean Solutions will be Exhibiting at Austech 2019

Sewing Machine Austech 2019
Mitsubishi Advanced Sewing Machine a sign of times to come.

TXM Lean Solutions will be exhibiting at Austech 2019. It is the only show specifically targeted at the metalworking, machine tool and ancillary market held in Australia.

Austech has collaborated with National Manufacturing Week (NMW) and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) to produce an impressive conference program.

Industry 4.0 will be a main focus at Austech 2019. TXM will be able to answer all your question relating to Industry 4.0 and how we can help you navigate this disruption.

TXM Lean Case Study: Lean Manufacturing For OEE Improvement in Pharmaceuticals

For some industries it is already here. Industry 4.0 is happening around you already. TXM can help you amplify your business to new heights in these uncertain times.

We are looking forward to exhibiting and showing our experience assisting advanced manufacturers to improve operational performance through the application of Lean Manufacturing.

TXM are Australia’s leading Lean Consultants with offices around Australia and globally. Apart from working with iconic Global and Australian companies, TXM has assisted many small and medium sized manufacturers (SMEs) to reduce lead time, increase productivity, reduce waste, improve customer service, increase flexibility and reorganise their factory layouts.

Our unique approach with SMEs has been particularly effective in the the advanced manufacturing sector, where we have been able to increase productivity by over 25% and reduce lead time by more than 50%. TXM Lean Solutions are very proud to have helped supercharge our clients businesses to the next level come see what we can do for you.

TXM Lean Case Study: Lean Manufacturing Enables Small Manufacturer to achieve 100% Sales Growth

Visit us at Booth #505 right by Industry 4.0 Theatre and say hello. Talk us through the challenges you face in your business. Our team will have creative cost effective solutions to your problems.


TXM Article: What is Industry 4.0? – Something New or just “Ground Hog Day”

Anthony Teaching Lean Thinking at Ability Works Australia

Here at TXM Lean Solutions we take great pride in helping organisations improve and grow, helping them along in their Lean journey. We work across a wide variety of industries, organisations and companies providing Lean Consulting and Training.

Working with TXM has given me the opportunity to work with some great community centric organisations on improvement projects that really help people in need or the wider community on a whole.

Ability Works Australia is one of those organisations I have had the great pleasure of helping on a pro-bono basis. I helped Ability Works with the review of manufacturing methods, optimised space management, continual waste reduction, improved crewing decisions, increased productivity tempo and maximised output results.

I also helped facilitated live training sessions combining theory and practical exercises around 5S principles, Leadership and Lean Thinking for all facets of the organisation.

Being able to see the improvements happen right in front of me and seeing the results immediately gives me a great sense of pride knowing the community is continually improving. I had a great time helping Ability Works apply Lean Methodologies across their processes and helping them prepare for their digital expansion.

“The tools applied to our process lines and workflow lay-outs were invaluable, preparing us for a new growth phase and the expansion of our Digital Technology unit.”
Tamsin Ashdown – General Manager, Ability Works Australia

We have great pleasure to announce the appointment of Luciano Peloche Moraes as a Senior Lean Consultant with TXM Lean Solutions. Luciano joins us with more than 20 years’ experience in Operational Excellence Practices and Continuous Improvement through Lean concepts and methodology implementation in Manufacturing, Logistics, Office, Construction and Engineering.

Luciano has worked extensively across South, Central and North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has extensive experience assessing and defining customer requirements, developing strategies and delivering customer value solutions.

He has great experience performing clear and efficient training whilst coaching and mentoring on improvement projects. He is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish and a basic French speaker. Luciano has the ability to interact with multicultural teams at all levels.

Completing his education in Brazil, Luciano has achieved post-graduate honours in company management and in 2014 completed his master’s in industrial engineering.

He has worked in a variety of industries in large organisations including Rhodia Farma, Toyota Brazil, Eaton Truck Components, 3M, Alstom (India, Sudan, France, Switzerland, Spain), Pirelli and Natura.

Luciano joins TXM with extensive knowledge and experience from across the world. He is based in New South Wales and is keen to help you start or sustain your Lean transformation. Call him today 1800 319 552 or connect via LinkedIn.

Meet the rest of our consultants

TXM Business Development Manager - Lester Troughton
Lester Troughton – TXM UK Business Development Manager

TXM Lean Solutions are pleased to announce the appointment of Lester Troughton as the Business Development Manager for our UK operations.

Lester has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Working for multi-national laboratory measurement and manufacturing solutions providers. He has extensive experience managing and coaching sales teams in consultative value selling. A key element to his success is building strong supportive relationships.

Liaising with senior technical and financial stakeholders of global key accounts to provide integrated solutions for research, quality control and production. Lester has many years’ experience working with leading universities and government organisations to write winning industry tenders and European funded projects. His prime focus was in the field of materials characterisation and process optimisation in the Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical sectors.

Lester has looked after major clients included Siemens, Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca and Unilever. Lester has also worked extensively with production managers and shift operators to maintain product quality and understands the challenges of 24-hour manufacturing environment – notable successes include winning sales and service contracts to supply systems to the new JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) facility in Coventry, and the Siemens wind farm development in Hull.

Get in contact with TXM UK to find out how we can help please contact [email protected]

Lean Techniques being taught by TXM Practitioner

The TXM Training Leadership for Operational Excellence Program has launched in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Increase your Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence skills.

Reduce costs, increase productivity and motivate teams in your organisation. Effective Leadership is the key to creating and sustaining Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement in your organisation.

The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program includes six highly interactive sessions with a wide range of on-site practical examples at each session.

Module 1: Lean Leadership Introduction
Module 2: Lean Basics Introduction – Lego Simulation
Module 3: Lean Daily Leadership Process
Module 4: Practical 5S Introduction
Module 5: Solving Problems Every Day
Module 6: Project Review Session

The sessions are a balanced mix of theory, practical activities, site tours and project work. Each host site will provide an overview of host site current business, challenges and opportunities.

The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program is for current and developing business leaders. The program provides operational leaders with practical skills and knowledge so they can drive performance in their organisations.

TXM Training is delivered by our expert Lean practitioners with over 150 years of combined operational excellence experience.

Follow the links to sign-up in your state.

The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program – Victoria
The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program – New South Wales
The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program – Queensland
The Leadership for Operational Excellence Program – Western Australia

Program Fees

Full Price: $4500 +GST
TXM Client: $4050 +GST
Early Bird Discount: $4050 +GST
Best Practice Network Member: $2925 +GST

*All sessions take place at on-site locations in each state from April to October.
*Subject to Change
*Early Bird Discount of 10% with code EARLYBIRD10OFF valid till 18th of March.
*TXM Lean Solutions Clients receive a 10% discount. Contact [email protected] to check if you are eligible.
*Best Practice Network Members receive a 35% discount. Contact [email protected] to check if you are eligible.